Belfast International Airport

The Belfast International Airport is one of the major airports located 13.2 miles away of Belfast in Northern Ireland. The airport is also known as the Aldergrove Airport, named after a village Aldergrove, situated quite near to the airport. It lies immediately to the west of the airport. The airfield was shared with the Royal Air Force base RAF Aldergrove, till 2008. Now the base is the property of the airport is known as Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station, Aldergrove.


Belfast International Airport

In 2013 and 2014, approximately 4 million passengers travelled through the Belfast airport, making it the busiest airport in Northern Ireland and also the second busiest in Ireland in terms of passengers assisted.

Transport Linkage

  • Road

Belfast Airport Taxi

In order to reach the airport by car, M2 motorway is most commonly used. The airport assists the travelers through its car parks, three of which are on-site car parks and one is off-site. The car parks are at a walking distance from the terminal allowing passengers to easily approach it from the terminal to get to their respective buses and cars. You can easily book for Belfast airport taxi here for reliable and affordable transportation.

  • Bus

Belfast Airport Bus

Numerous bus companies are associated by the airport, including Translink. Translink operated all day and connect the center of Belfast to the airport. The Airporter can also be used to reach Derry and the northwest part of the country.

  • Train

Belfast Train

To travel by train, the passengers can use the nearest railway station, called the Antrim railway station which is only 6.2 miles away from the airport situated in Antrim. It is also service by a bus link, the Antrim Airlink, making it further easy to opt for the railway. It is the cheapest and also the fastest way to travel within the country. Through the rail, you can connect to Belfast, Derry Londonderry and Lisburn. To reach Dublin, Belfast central railway Station is suitable which also has its own Airbus. Another railway station is planned to be constructed near the airport. It could be really beneficial for the airports ground traveling services. It is expected to start operating in some time near 2020.


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